Lecture by John Palmesino at CCA Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal
5 November 2015, 6PM

multiplicity solid seaImage: multiplicity, Solid Sea, documenta 11, Kassel 2002

Territories are the complex set of relations to things that keep us alive. They are bound spaces, where intersecting borders establish semi-stable relations between polities and their material base of operations. A new intensification is reshaping the surface and the cycles of the Earth: the Anthropocene marks an exit from modern forms of territorial organization of humanity. Remote sensing and technologies of measuring and surveying are used to enter into the multiple oscillations and reverberations that the Anthropocene lays out, with new territories cutting through pre-established ones, often in a violent way. New territories reconfigure the transient relations between the institutionalized forms of cohabitation and their material spaces. No more figure/ground.

The lecture by John Palmesino is held in the ambit of the CCA exhibition The Other Architect, which features work by multiplicity, the international research network co-founded by John with Stefano Boeri, Francesco Jodice, Giovanni La Varra, Francisca Insulza, Maddalena Bregani.