Museum of Oil . We shall need to keep oil in the ground. The recent American shale boom is a direct transformation of an entire material landscape, both above and below ground, as well as a human landscape directly linked to the 350 billion USD investments over the past six years. A rapid burst in activities, or rather a bubble of unprecedented impulse and dimensions. Analysis that almost half of the US energy junk bonds are at risk of default, resonating with the events of 2008, which triggered the biggest financial crisis in history. . . . Image: Traces of the petroleum in Aerial photography of oil producing regions in the Permian Basin, south of Odessa, and Midland, Texas, USA, 2014. United States Depart. of Agriculture, NAIP National Agriculture Imagery Program. Aerial photography and satellite composite, Territorial Agency. . . . #museumofoil #oil #anthropocene #finance #territorialagency

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