Territorial Agency


An open seminar series convened by Territorial Agency
at the AA School of Architecture
October – December 2019

A new intensification is shaping the Earth, where human activities are triggering a vast ecological crisis and affecting the deep structures of the planet. From within, this intensification appears as the result of our actions, hence the capacity to act on it lies with us. Yet, the magnitude of this intensification are so vast that they are operating at a planetary level, where we are only one of the components of a rising new paradigm dominated by technology, not its main driver.

This torque is where we begin this seminar: starting from a critical revaluation of the modernist planning system initiated by Jaqueline Tyrwhitt, a largely unacknowledged woman at the very centre of every turn of architectural development in the Twentieth Century, we explore how architectural projects can interact with and engage different disciplines in the difficult and urgent process of planning for our planet. Join us, all welcome.

How to think with others?

Can we control the planet?

What is a state of nature?

When are we?

What is a revolution?

How to confront a world on fire?

Is law from the Holocene?

Climate Peace

With the support of:

Architectural Association

Graham Foundation

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